Our Team

Kyyba Films Movie Production & Distribution House in michigan

Tel K. Ganesan

CEO / Founder / Executive Producer

Kybba films love giving space to new creativity and concepts. The team bloomed as Mr.Tel K.Ganesan and Mr. G.B. Thimotheose started it with a firm foundation. Mr.Tel K.Ganesan is the Managing Director of Kybba films who adds fuels to the dream of delivering high qualifying productions. He is one of the Advisory Committee for the National Veteran Business Development Council. Tel is also the current president of Talent, Ideas, Enterprise which is called (Tie). He has a long journey of flagship which makes him more passionate about the video production industry.

Kyyba Films Movie Production & Distribution House in michigan

G.B. Thimotheose

Founder / Executive Producer

Mr. G.B. Thimotheose is an Executive Producer who has the knack for new ideologies. He is the Chair of Charter Membership in TiE and has recently played as executive producer in Devil’s Night – Dawn of the Nain Rouge. He has traveled down a path of learning and gained a big picture in the industry which makes him be a successful individual. With these two significant people of the industry as the base, the team of digital video production works tirelessly to produce better films as indian producers in hollywood.

Our team is composed of developing the content, storytellers, location aligners, camera team, lighting crew and many more people working for the determined production unit. As a team, we co-operate and organize tasks to deliver the output beyond the client’s expectations. We don’t see any projects as clients, but infuse them as our own and put our hearts in what we are up to! And guess what? That gave us success within a few years! If you are in need of producing a new film? We are here to help you out! Feel free to contact us.


Devil’s Night Dawn of the Nain Rouge Video Clips