About us

Kybba films is all about creativity infused with technology!

We are a neoteric movie production house and Distribution Company that kick-started our company in 2017 at Michigan. We have a unique standard of storytelling which is combined with extraordinary visual effects that make us create some of the award-winning films. We focus on delivering original feature films, documentaries, short films, commercials, and much more. We stick to our strong core values such as

  • Vision
  • Value
  • Passion
  • Excellence

Since our inception is fresh as we are indian film producers in hollywood, our ideas on film production seem to be fresh which is loved by our clients. We have a high number of quality films in this short span of time just because we tend to deliver the expectation of our clients. We have pages and pages of written stories to get into the big screen with all new concepts. We work across global clients that thrive us to grow organically in the marketplace.
Our works of excellence
Our production team pushes across night skies and daylights just to deliver the quality outcome that our clients are expecting. As a successive outcome here are our production labels showcased below:

  • Devil’s Night – Dawn of the Nain Rouge
  • Celebrity Crush
  • Christmas Coupon
  • Trap City

These are just some of the movies, we have more participation in Cannes Film Festival, Dances with Films and Melbourne Film Festival that adds more feathers to our cap as Indians in Hollywood. Are you looking forward for producing the right concepts? Then we can understand your aspirations and help in collaborating!