The Marksman

  • 5.4 IMDB SCORE
  • 2021
  • Romance, Action

18 ½

  • 5.4 IMDB SCORE
  • 2021
  • 1080 HD
  • Romance, Action

Kyyba Films

Kyyba Films is a TV & Film Studio committed to opening doors for the creative community. If you’re a storyteller, filmmaker, or director with great ideas, we want to work with you.
No Gatekeepers. No Ceilings.

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What We Do

Make the Impossible Possible

Kyyba Films is a creative incubator. We nurture talent, invest in projects, and shatter barriers to access. We provide an array of resources across all stages of development.

What can we do for you?
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Creative and Financial Support

The world needs more storytellers with original vision. The film industry is difficult to navigate. We want to help you breach the gates, and make a name for yourself. Kyyba Films offers:

  • Project Development
  • Casting & Talent Acquisition
  • Financing
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Amplify Your Project

Do you have a completed film but nowhere to go? Are you finishing a film and need help with next steps? We want to amplify your work. We connect you with audiences in 100+ countries.

  • Acquisitions & Content Licensing
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Theatrical, Regional, National, & Global Distribution
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Who We Work With

Ambitious Filmmakers & Creatives

Are you an independent filmmaker in the margins? Are you committed to developing your skills? We partner with industry professionals who collaborate, adapt quickly, and put in what it takes to succeed. Is this you?

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Our Vision

Imagine What’s Possible

Original works emerge when artists have the courage and freedom to experiment. But it’s intimidating to take risks when the stakes are high. You deserve a creative incubator with the resources to go big.

Kyyba understands what it is to be stuck in the corner.

We invest in creators across industries. Our strong financial backing and strategic partnerships break down barriers to access. Let’s kick down the door together, and keep it open for those behind us.



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